We empower retail employees to be happier & more productive

We build mobile tools for increased communication, productivity, learning, engagement & access to job-essential data.


Who is an empowered employee?

Today's omnichannel retail environment means the stakes have never been higher for retailers. Physical stores & digital experiences must intertwine and overlap while still maintaining continuity. Instead of using technology to "manage" staffing, retailers must give employees tools to foster improvements in everything from customer experience to operational efficiency.

How does RevUnit help you build an engaging mobile experience for your employees?

Hear what experts in Product Development, User Interface Design & Experience, Technology & Development, and Product Adoption have to say about how we work.

Highly-engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity

“It is important that we all understand the shift that has happened in technology and retail, what it means for us, and what we are doing to win... There's a lot of innovation and opportunity available to us.”

Doug McMillon

Walmart Global CEO

“We live in an age where we are inundated with applications and technology choices, so if a user chooses to use an app frequently it’s a big deal. We focus on user acquisition & retention.”

Sidnee Schaefer

Product Adoption Strategist


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Retail Employee Empowerment

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Empowered retail employees have the right tools and knowledge to do their jobs and be successful. When employers use the right tools, like mobile technology, they are more creative, productive, satisfied & loyal.


Retail sales associates with the right tools & knowledge sell 87% more than non-empowered employees


Smart Mobile Tech Experts + Passionate Retail Leaders

At RevUnit we work with passionate employee advocates like CHRO's, CEO's, COO's, CIO's, and CTO's who want to make a difference in the lives of their employees and their bottom line. Working together, we combine the experience of retail leaders with the technology and user experience expertise of RevUnit to empower in-store associates.

Retail Sales Associate

It's more than just an app.

"Using mobile tools, retailers can deploy content and interactive training that helps each employee catch the vision for how their performance makes a difference on the KPIs of the business. When the connection between tasks and organizational purpose is made, performance improves."

Joe Saumweber

RevUnit CEO

“You don’t build a culture around a tool, you build tools and strategies that align with the culture of your client. You have to build strong collaboration channels.”

Will Bowlin

Mobile Development Lead

“When it comes to designing technology in the employee space, the access orgs have to their target users is unparalleled. Knowing the users is the most important step in building great digital experiences.”

David Baker

Product Lead

“Through building platforms for employee engagement I’ve learned employees need freedom. They need to feel they are trusted to do their job well and are then encouraged for doing so.”

Alex Williams

Full Stack Developer

“Our work in this space has been about elevating the realities of an employee’s day and designing our platforms around those so that they’re able to work more efficiently.”

Joe Payne

Creative Director

“It’s easy for a business to forget whom the application is being built for, the employee. If the tool isn’t incorporating feedback and validation from actual employees, it will see low adoption.”

Corey Campbell

Sr. Creative & UX Designer

Employee Empowerment Is Built on Powerful Mobile Technology & Intelligent User Experiences

Our user experiences stay focused on 8 key areas for employee empowerment


Applying new technology to company operations to help employees achieve better execution and do so more efficiently.


Connecting geographically disparate employees so they can learn from one another and build lasting relationships.


Connecting employees to the brand purpose, helping them feel appreciated and set up for success.


Provide easy access to the information that employees need to be effective on the job and get the most out of their employment benefits.

Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate Often.

We are a digital product studio and we build custom enterprise apps. We believe in solving problems and understanding the user long before we ever write a line of code. We know you can't empower employees with an out-of-the-box solution. Your employees and company culture are unique. So are the systems and workflows you already have in place.

Helping you get your project off the ground successfully requires a lean, agile approach to product development with a focus on user experience. We treat your user as the client and your product success as sacred. 

Hybrid & Native

From BYOD policies to company owned hardware, we know device platforms shouldn't put limits on your employees.

Empowering staff means making things easier and information more available. AI & Bots help make their repetitive tasks automated.

Artificial Intelligence

Retailers already have a lot of software and hardware infrastructure. We work to integrate with your current system & workflow.


Innovative training and digital learning is essential to employee development, loyalty, and happiness.



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