We Merge Growth & Retention Strategy to Create Product Adoption

We combine growth hacking principles, retention strategy, and our DARRC framework to give your product its best chance for success.


How does RevUnit partner with clients to achieve Product Adoption?

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Product Adoption

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Product Adoption Is Powered By Advanced User Engagement Strategies & Intelligent Digital Platforms

Our services stay focused on 8 key areas for Product Adoption

Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate Often.

We are a digital product studio and we build custom enterprise apps. We believe in solving problems and understanding the user long before we ever write a line of code. We know you can't empower employees with an out-of-the-box solution. Your employees and company culture are unique. So are the systems and workflows you already have in place.

Helping you get your project off the ground successfully requires a lean, agile approach to product development with a focus on user experience. We treat your user as the client and your product success as sacred. 


While acquiring new users is important, the real value is in how many users are retained. Product Adoption takes into account the full user engagement lifecycle. We use the DARRC framework (Discover, Acquire, Retain, Recommend, Convert) to model the user engagement lifecycle. DARRC enables us to create customized user engagement strategies to grow and retain users.

It's about more than Growth Hacking.

"The first step in great digital product development is discovering from your users what the right product really should be. If you miss the mark in the early stages... great marketing can’t fix a failed product. User testing, social listening, and a series of qualitative and quantitative methods will help you get it right. The rest of the process is about connecting the voice of the user with the product build and communication strategies."

Seth Waite

RevUnit CMO

What is Product Adoption?

75% of users stop using an app within 90 days of download

90 -> -75%



Growth + Retention = Product Adoption

Growth is vital to the success of any product, but it can't be achieved without the retention of existing users. Product Adoption is the successful onboarding of new users and the retention of existing users. 

Retail Sales Associate

+5% -> +75%


A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75%


“Growth is not just a concern of sales and marketing, but of product, engineering and support too. It is this organization-wide commitment to growth that ultimately sets these companies apart..”

Product Adoption + RevUnit

At RevUnit we've made a commitment to give "ideas their best chance for success." RevUnit is more than the average Digital Product Studio. We partner with our clients to equip them with the tools and strategies necessary for successful Product Adoption. We're thinking about a product's success throughout the product development process.

Sean Ellis

GrowthHackers.com Founder

Solutions For Every Product

Our Strategists partner with you to develop custom solutions, based on your specific audience and product stage


Building acquistion and retention playbooks so companies can easily launch their new app with a roadmap for success. 


Using intelligent analytics platforms, like Mixpanel, to analyze and engage users throughout their lifecycle.

"Too often clients have a 'if you build it they will come' mentality. We solve this by not only bringing awareness to the right users, but also keeping them as long term customers. There is no such thing as 'set it and forget it'."

Joey Montano

Product Adoption Strategist

"Our product team members use complex technology to create intuitive experiences. As a key part of that team, our Product Adoption team works to ensure that those experiences are solving the right problems for the user."

Michael Paladino


“It’s easy for a business to forget whom the application is being built for. If the tool isn’t incorporating feedback and validation from actual potential users, it will see low adoption.”

Joe Saumweber


“Our digital products are meant to delight. RevUnit product teams work with our clients to help solve big problems. At the heart of building great apps and software is ensuring it reaches its largest audience. Product Adoption is the process behind product success.”

Seth Waite


“We live in an age where we are inundated with applications and technology choices, so if a user chooses to use an app frequently it’s a big deal. We work with clients to create strategies that focus on user acquisition & retention.”

Sidnee Schaefer

Product Adoption Strategist

"RevUnit works hand in hand with clients to ensure that their product has the best chance of truly being used and to create long-term value for the end user. Our goal is to create energy and excitement around the product and ongoing engagement"

Tabith Mcfadden

Product Owner Lead

Rapid Testing

Generating ideas and executing tests rapidly with goals like improving user experience for retention or acquiring new users.

User Experience

Product Adoption strategy is woven into the product development process so users remain at the forefront of all product decisions.

Training is essential to use any platform integrated into the product, including push notifications and analytics.


It's important our client's existing systems are integrated into the product. We work to integrate with your current system & workflow.


User Engagement

The DARRC model is our framework of choice for developing user engagment strategies. User engagement is the cornerstone of retention and the biggest impact to your revenue.

Continuous improvement is part of our DNA. We work with product team to develop and implement A/B tests based on user behavior.



We have years of experience building enterprise digital products.  Our experience makes us accutely aware that the enterprise product adoption process is unique. We partner with our clients throughout the product development process, creating strategies for acquisition and retention. Our goal is for your company to love your new product and use it every day.


How do you break through the noise of digital products and get consumers to use your product? If this question plagues you, we're here to help. Whether you are launching your product for the first time or you have a product that just isn't performing how you'd like, our Product Adoption team works with you to develop strategies to engage your audience and keep them coming back.

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